Maximising ones chance of Success.

Rural businesses face a pace of change in the coming decade, the likes of which hasn’t been seen for generations. Those who prosper will be proactively changing their business to the opportunities that present or are self-developed. To quote Nick Green NSch, “One does not have to change, survival's not compulsory” but to maximize the likelihood of success it is often prudent to engage with those who can demonstrate their track record in leading such change.


I have spent many years of my working life at a senior management level, in our own businesses as well as many others, in the private, corporate and charitable sectors. This has enabled me to develop a thorough understanding of how important it is to engage with the right individuals and organisations to evaluate, formulate and deliver a successful project.  This is demonstrated with the changes to our families business; moving from a very successful dairy and pedigree breeding business to a multi-faceted range of businesses encompassing commercial and residential property, self-storage facility, energy generation, environmental management, leisure and agriculture and of course strategic and project advice.


Having developed our own consultancy business specialising in development and energy, before selling to Savills Plc in 2013, I now work with a number of leading specialists in areas of planning, design and development and others in the area of energy generation and storage as well as the delivery of communications connectivity.


It could be you have a construction or energy project in mind, but need help to determine the stages from viability, financing, through to delivery. Perhaps you are struggling to get a reasonable broadband speed, or it could simply be someone to bounce ideas with. If you feel I might be able to help, please contact me, details below.


I look forward to hearing your ideas.


Andrew Dyke FRAgS, NSch, MIAgrM   Phone: 0044 (0)7971 175129


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