Pineapple Farm has been in our family for nearly 100 years and this is a brief history of the change we've made over the years...

The earliest reference to the farm is in 1662, during the Reign of King Charles II.


In April 1920 the farm was bought by Frank Bussell (Andrew's Great Grand-Father), and Pitcher’s land with the three cottages was bought by his brother, Ben, who built and lived at Fourways. When Frank retired in 1950 the farm was rented by his son, Bernard, for 5 years.


In 1955 Mrs Sybil Cox, Andrew's Grand- Mother, then rented the farm with the help of Phillip and Betty Dyke, until the death of Frank Bussell in June 1964.  Ownership of the farm then passed to Sybil Cox and Ivy Bussell who sold the farm to Phillip and Betty Dyke a year later.


Phillip and Betty improved and expanded Pineapple over their 34 years of farming. They built up a highly regarded herd of pedigree cows, let the cottages, ran a successful bed and breakfast and campsite.  

In 1989 Phillip and Betty retired from farming and rented the farm to their son, Andrew, and his wife, Yvonne. The farm then passed to Andrew and Yvonne in 2001 and during this time the dairy herd increased to over 200 cows, and the area of land farmed to c450 acres.

In 1999 the decision was taken to embark on a major diversification of the business; the cows were sold and the buildings were converted into the multi award winning Pineapple Business Park.


The land at Pineaaple which is c104 acres is still very much part of the overall business and is operated by the Bowditch family as part of a much larger farming business. Wheat, maize, grass and turnips are grown, along with cattle and sheep grazing at different times of the year.


Today the business is still run by Andrew and Yvonne and as we approach the families’ 100th years at Pineapple, their daughters Claire, Stephanie and Hannah are becoming increasing involved whilst pursuing outside careers and education.


Over the years the different generations have undertaken many improvements to enhance the natural environment, this has included planting miles of hedges, copses, fencing off the edges of some fields and leaving areas of rough grass.


The most recent addition to the farm has been the installation of solar panels, which provide electricity for all of the Business Park and properties on the farm, we even have a charging point for electric cars. We supply all of our own water, and are working towards a sustainable future for Pineapple Farm.

Unit 10 Before and After, 2011

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