Pineapple Farm has been in our family for nearly 100 years. This is a brief history of the change we've made over the years...

The earliest reference to the farm is in 1662, during the Reign of King Charles II.


The family acquired the farm when bought by Andrews Great Grandfather Frank Bussell, and with his family, took up residence on April 6th 1920 until his retirement from farming in 1944.


It was then let to the Dairyman, Mr Read until his death in October 1950, when Andrews Uncle Bernard Cox took up residence in January 1951 until September 1955. At which point, Mrs Sybil Cox, Andrews Grandmother, took over the tenancy with the help of Philip and Betty Dyke, Andrews parents. On the death of Frank Bussell on June 28th 1964, the Farm was acquired by Philip and Betty Dyke.


Phillip and Betty increased the cows and became a well know breeder of high genetic Holstein Friesians. They had 2 families B&B in the house before starting to let part of the house and cottage for holidays. They also had a campsite on another part of the farm. By 1988 the area farmed had expanded to nearly 200 acres and 100 cows. 


In 1988 Philip and Betty decided to retire and granted a tenancy of Pineapple to Yvonne and Andrew.  Over the next 10 years the herd expanded to over 200 cows with 450 acres farmed, but in 1999, due to a major review of the future of farming, the decision was made to sell the cows and give up all rented land. The Business Park, as you see it today, has been gradually developed from farm buildings into one of the largest rural Business Parks in Dorset, with over 100 people employed within the various business many of whom are award winning.


In 2011, Andrew and Yvonne’s daughters Claire, Stephanie and Hannah were inspirational in the family returning to its’ roots and providing a campsite and thus following in the footsteps of their grandparents.


The family remains committed to farming and the environment with Pineapple Farm being 100 acres, much of it managed under contract by a neighbouring estate, but all the environmental work managed in house. As part of the family’s commitment to a sustainable future, we currently have 90kw of solar panels providing much of the electricity included for the campsite. All the water used is pumped from our own boreholes and is regularly tested to meet all regulations for drinking water.


The family remains committed to seeking new ideas and improvements within it’s various enterprises.

Unit 10 Before and After, 2011

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