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From Left to Right. Yvonne, Claire, Hannah, Andrew, Steph

The Pineapple Group is a Dorset based family business which has evolved from a modest farm to a multi-award winning enterprise.

Headed by Andrew and Yvonne Dyke -  entrepreneurs and expert in rural issues - In addition to the Farm and Business Park, Pineapple developed and sold a wide range of businesses offering services that helped farmers, landowners and country businesses maximise the full potential of their assets.


Andrew explains:


"It's 18 years since Yvonne and I diversified from dairy farming to planning the design, building and running of our Business Park.  It was quite a challenge to make the leap from having 200 cows to running a successful commercial centre.  Barns and byres were transformed into high-tech offices and light industrial units, all in keeping with the immediate environment.


In the years since, the Business Park has won a number of awards and is now one of the largest rural Business Parks in Dorset. Benefiting as it does from a wide range of proactive, and in themselves, award winning tenant businesses.


We see our principal objective is to encourage and provide a responsive environment for businesses to flourish, whether via proactive estate management, investment in renewable technologies or championing broadband and all the advantages it brings the modern business.

Over the past 5 years the campsite has established itself as being hugely popular, offering a boutique experience, whilst busy in the summer months, we strive to give every guest a personal service and endeavour that everyone gets what they are looking for from their holiday.


The farm is managed on contract by the Bowditch Family, under the expert supervision of James Bowditch. He is responsible for growing and marketing all the crops and rearing the animals. We look after the environmental schemes, hedges and the farm infrastructure such as fences and water courses.  

Along the way, we have developed and sold two service businesses, one working with other landowners the other providing office administrative. These service businesses were sold to Savills Ltd and CB Reid in April 2013. The Family and team now concentrate on the core activities, the farm, Business Park, the campsite as well as a few other added value activities.


We are always looking to improve, seeking the next opportunity or advancement which will enhance our business and that of our tenants or guests. It’s been an interesting 18 years, so if you would like to know more, why not contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.”

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